GMO is forced with corruption.

anti-GMO activism WikiLeaks: US targets opponents of GM crops: "Eat GMOs! or We'll Cause Pain" The cables show US diplomats working directly for GM companies such as Monsanto and Bayer.
Opponents of GMO punished with "retaliation and pain".

In Europe there has historically been a fierce resistance against GMO and countries were literally forced with sanctions.

In 2012, the European Commission forced the ministery of Italy to allow GMO despite serious attemps by the Italian government to prevent it. Other countries that banned GMO such as Hungary and Austria, were punished with sanctions.

(2012) 🇭🇺 Hungary Throws Out Monsanto AND the IMF Hungary's PM Victor Orbán had thrown GMO giant Monsanto out of the country, going as far as to plow under 1000 acres of land. It's remarkably hard to find sources on this, ironically. It’s even harder, even more ironically, to find anything that mentions the Wikileaks report on the connections between the US government and the GMO industry and the sanctions imposed on Hungary through the IMF. Source: The Automatic Earth (2012) US to Start ‘Trade Wars’ with Nations Opposed to GMO The United States is threatening nations who oppose GMO with military-style trade wars, according to information obtained and released by the organization WikiLeaks. Nations which have moved to ban GMO, were requested to be ‘penalized’. Source: Natural Society

A history of corruption

GMO is an unguided (dumb) practice driven primarily by the short term financial self-interest of companies that originate mostly from the pharmaceutical industry that has a history of profound corruption.

Reprogramming nature (synthetic biology) is extremely convoluted, having evolved with no intention or guidance.

The Economist (Redesigning Life, April 6th, 2019)

Why would pharmaceutical-like (i.e. proven to be profoundly corrupt) companies sit back and let honest anti-GMO activism proceed naturally? Most logical is to expect a strategy for the trillions of dollars in revenue.

Anti-GMO campaign in 🇳🇬 Nigeria - A corruption strategy or honest?

Would real anti-GMO activists shout out loud "No Monsanto, we do not want your bio tech!"? Images of protestors with such messages are propagated globally as the paragon of GMO opposition.

anti GMO protest Nigeria
Anti-GMO protest Nigeria, 2022

The following example shows how a global marketing machine can use anti-GMO opposition to their advantage.

A group of US and European activists entered Nigeria and propagated presumable 'false claims' that GMO causes cancer and infertility. Subsequently, scientists globally as a knight on a white horse came into action and used public channels to show scientifically that the claims are false, successfully curbing opposition to GMO on the basis of utilitarian value arguments (human health and food safety).

As a knight on a white horse… (2022) How scientists beat back anti-GMO activists ‘insidious campaign’ to block Nigeria’s approval of GMO While the Nigerian government considered the application, there was a period of public consultation. The anti-GM group “Health of Mother Earth Foundation” rolled into action. Repeating standard tropes, they falsely claimed the GM cowpea would cause cancer and infertility, or that the new GM cowpea would take over and eliminate genetic diversity. These activists were “branches of opposition from US and European groups planted here,” said a local. They leveraged social media, newspaper articles and public rallies to roll out scare campaigns. They filed a court case to try and stop the technology. Source: Genetic Literacy Project | Health Of The Mother Earth Foundation (Nigeria)

The GMO industry competes on human health and food safety arguments. GMO is often masked under the term 'food security'. A win on the basis of such utilitarian value arguments would benefit the GMO industry in multiple ways.

A history of faking and misleading

Some time ago it was revealed that the publisher of The Lancet (Elsevier) published 6 fake scientific journals for pharmaceutical companies, to mislead scientists and doctors in the financial interest of companies.

elsevier The LancetReputational damage for medical publisher Elsevier, which publishes The Lancet, among others. Last week the Dutch-English company admitted that from 2000 to 2005 it had published six fake journals that were issued for scientific journals. In reality, they were marketing magazines paid for by pharmaceutical companies. The papers published in Australia had names such as Australasian Journal of General Practice and Australasian Journal of Bone & Joint Medicine. The magazines look solid, also because the name Elsevier is prominent on the front page and the sponsor's name is not.

Pharmaceutical industry

The author of this website has over a decade of experience with investigating the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry through a critical philosophical blog. The blog also investigated the origin of the Nazi holocaust and eugenics ideology and in extension it was noticed that the pharmaceutical industry has been funnelling their money (literally trillions of dollars per year) to synthetic biology (GMO) for what in essence is a holocaust on nature (eugenics).

The pharmaceutical industry and the establishment of science attempted to strategically take control over opposition so that opposition could be efficiently curbed. An often seen strategy is that pharmaceutical companies donate big sums of money to apparent honest interest group organizations that will then act in their favour, for promotion and marketing purposes or for political advantages such as legislation. Sometimes pharmaceutical companies also completely faked such organizations.

In 2019, the pharmaceutical industry was already investing more than $1 trillion USD per year in synthetic biology ($1,000 billion USD per year). The pharmaceutical industry has been funneling their money to GMO.

(2019) Pharmaceutical industry raises bet on GMO as frontier for growth Biotechnology is already a bigger business than many people realize. Rob Carlson of Bioeconomy Capital, an investment company, calculates that money made from creatures which have been genetically engineered accounted for about 2% of American GDP in 2017. Source: Financial Times (

Unleashed on plants and animals

What if companies are let on the loose for a synthetic biology revolution? The potential for damage may be much greater as there will logically be less control and oversight.

With their massive often ill gotten funds, the pharmaceutical industry invests into bio tech to secure further growth, directly affecting billions of plants and animals on earth, of creatures that may posses of meaningful experience.

GMO can be seen as 'rape of nature' or 'corruption of nature'.

A problem that affects a complete 'natural environment' - the foundation of human life - would be out of control and most likely unfixable. Issues with GMO might be a lot worse than a major oil spill and even a nuclear disaster when it concerns the natural environment, since GMO can affect a greater area.

(2022) 🦟 GMO mosquitoes spreading out of control in Brazil The GMO mosquitoes that were engineered to prevent reproduction may replace the native specie and cause a disaster to the environment. Source:

Read more in the article 🧬 Eugenics on Nature (

Many people on Twitter seem to question the lifting of the GMO ban in 🇰🇪 Kenya.

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