The industrial revolution has had a detrimental effect on nature and humanity today is literally facing a threat of an extinction level event as a result.

With the rise of science, philosophy and morality were increasingly suppressed, which caused the Nazi holocaust and that today is causing the oncoming holocaust on nature.

Without sound moral reasoning capacity, how can humanity protect nature and stand the imminent crisis?

Imminent Collapse of Nature on Earth

A group of 200 top scientists warned in 2020 that earth is on the brink of a mass extinction that could drive a million animal species into oblivion in the coming decades, which could cause a collapse of nature on earth.

(2020) Scientists: Multiple eco-crises could trigger a ‘systemic collapse’ Overlapping environmental crises could tip the planet into “global systemic collapse,” more than 200 top scientists warned. Source: | 🐝 Bumble bees are nearly extinct

UN environment logo (2021) UN chief calls for bold action to end ‘suicidal war with nature’ “We are losing our suicidal war against nature. An ecosystem collapse is looming. Within decades, millions of animal species can become extinct, resulting in a collapse of nature on earth.” Source:

In the past decades, 75 percent of all insects have died. Within decades, a tipping point could be reached beyond which a collapse of Nature becomes inevitable.

(2021) The insect apocalypse: ‘Our world will grind to a halt without them’ Insects have declined by 75% in the past 50 years – and the consequences may soon be catastrophic. Source: The Guardian

In the past decades, 67 percent of all seabirds have died. Many seabird species could become extinct within decades.

sea bird (2020) Seabirds are facing extinction due to ocean pollution A recent study found a 67 percent decline in seabird populations between 1950 and 2010. “Essentially seabirds are going extinct,” says Wilcox. “Within decades.” Source: | Eco Watch | National Geographic

Ocean dead zone

Some zones in the ocean that are larger than land continents are called ‘death zone’ where no fish can live.

Yearly, 180 million tons of toxic, chemical and ☢️ radioactive waste is dumped into the oceans which causes 'invisible water pollution' that accumulates and increases every year. Hazardous waste has been accumulating in the ocean water for 150 years to such an extent that today, 🐋 whale babies are not able to be born healthy.

(2021) Scientists: “there are massive chemical dumps in the ocean we know almost nothing about” Industrial companies have used the ocean as a bottomless pit for toxic and nuclear waste. Source:

In 🇧🇷 Brazil, one-fifth of the jungle is to be burned in the coming years for the purpose of industrial development. The Amazon rainforest is expected to be gone within decades.

The RainforestMean estimate: decadesRainforest gone by 2050 (2020) Ecosystems the Size of the Amazon Rainforest Could Collapse Within Decades One-fifth of the jungle is to be burned in the coming years. “I’m not getting into this nonsense of defending land for the Indians,” the president said. A Brazilian general who last year served on the board of Canadian mining giant Belo Sun heads Brazil’s federal agency for indigenous peoples. Source: | Gizmodo | 🔥 An area more than seven times the size of Manhattan, New York was destroyed in January 2022 ~ BBC

On top of it all, eugenics on nature (GMO) is forced with corruption.

anti-GMO activism WikiLeaks: US targets opponents of GM crops: "Eat GMOs! or We'll Cause Pain" The cables show US diplomats working directly for GM companies such as Monsanto and Bayer.
Opponents of GMO punished with "retaliation and pain".

Spirit of nature

There is some evidence that a 'spirit' of nature (Gaia Philosophy) cannot be dismissed, while it in the same time cannot be empirically proven.

👨‍🚀 Astronauts report to experience an extreme transcendental experience of 'interconnected euphoria' when they view earth from space. It is called 'Overview effect on Earth'.

First we should understand why we don't already know of this profound experience, despite decades of astronaut reports. It’s hard to explain how amazing and magical this experience is. First of all, there’s the astounding pure beauty of the planet itself, scrolling across your view at what appears to be a smooth, stately pace... I’m happy to report that no amount of prior study or training can fully prepare anybody for the transcendental experience this causes.
(2022) The Overview Institute There's more to the pale blue dot than we know. Source: (2022) The Case for Planetary Awareness Widely known in the space community as the Overview Effect, it is little known by the general public and poorly understood even by many space advocates. Phrases like "strange dreamlike experience", "reality was like a hallucination", and feeling like they had "come back from the future", occur time and again. Finally, many astronauts have emphasized that space images do not come close to the direct experience, and may even give us a false impression of the real nature of the Earth and space. "It is virtually impossible to describe... You can take people to see [IMAX's] The Dream Is Alive, but spectacular as it is, it's not the same as being there." - Astronaut and Senator Jake Garn. Source:

Many people report to have experienced a 'spirit' of nature, e.g. of a complete forest or of an underwater environment, which is perceived by them to be an intelligence that surpasses them (a human) in greatness. Some mention to have had such an experience with mountains and astronauts are reporting it for the earth as a whole.

What could that 'spirit' be? What is reported might concern in-the-moment 'signifying' on behalf of a priori meaning, i.e. morality in effect on a grand scale. Astronauts experience that as interconnected euphoria.

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Philosophy suppressed

Most people in the modern world view life as something that is owned on an individual level, as something that can be taken with one during space travel. Popular films such as Star Trek and Star Wars have displayed a future in which humans travel through space.

Some scientists are wondering however: why is the Solar system and Earth not crowded with alien visitors? Why, after decades of space science, has no hint been found for the existence of extraterrestrial life?

The post–World War II era is considered to be an 'anti-philosophy' era in which philosophy was increasingly placed on a level comparable with that of religions. In a sense, while science originates from philosophy, science has attempted to overcome philosophy and intended to rid itself of any influence of philosophy, which includes morality.

space catIn 2021 the founder of discovered that the farthest distance that an animal, insect or bacteria had travelled in space was the Moon and meanwhile trillions of USD were already invested for a manned mission to Mars in 2030.

Science it's dogmatic influence on behalf of determinism, the ground upon which science envisions itself to become master of the Universe, has resulted in a such a repression that it was never considered that Earth life may be bound to a region around the 🌞 Sun.

Philosophy naturally would have posed the following questions:

  1. Is there at least one clue that Earth life is independent from the Solar system?
  2. On what basis is it valid to consider that life is like a biochemical fire that can be taken with one during space travel?

Based on these questions, the first thing to test would be whether Earth life can remain alive further away from Earth. Yet, as of 2021 it was never tested because mainstream science intends to steer to a perspective in which life is a deterministic biochemical process and consciousness an illusion.

When life would be bound to a region around a star, it could explain why the Universe is not crowded with alien activity.

Because the origin of life is unknown, it is evident that science intends to use atheism fueled neglect – the stubbornly ignoring of the question 'why' life exists – as ground for a synthetic biology revolution in which animal and plant life is rendered meaningless beyond the scope of empirical value.

Who will speak for animals and plants?Should a human?

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The Rights of Nature

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